Chargers Getting A Much Needed Rest

By Ernie Padaon

The Bolts are taking a little break right now to rest their bodies and to rest their minds. They just came off of a grueling gauntlet of 3 games in the last 11 days. We didn’t fair well in any of those games but we found a lot of holes that we need to correct in the last 7 games of the season. They will get the next few days off and then return to action on Sunday.

We have 7 games to try and dig out of our hole and steal back the top spot of the division. We could definitely show some improvement in those games if we can get some of the guys fresh and healed up. We have a lot of bumps and bruises and a lot of guys that were MIA during that gauntlet of games. We had a bunch of bench guys that were forced to step up and they will all be better because of the extra playing time they received.

We should be getting a lot of our big guns back by next Sunday and that can hide a lot of our problems. Shaun Phillips will be back on defense and he can provide another pass rusher to go along with Antwan Barnes. Barnes might have shown enough during the last 3 games to prove he is a starter.

The offensive line will get a boost with Kris Dielman coming back onto the field. He adds another level of toughness to that line and Marcus McNeill could be ready to go next week also. The o-line needs all the bodies that they can get.

The passing attack could get Malcom Floyd back and it will be good for Vincent Jackson to rest his body up even more. We need all the bodies to step up for these final 7 games so that we can make a run.

We are still in the race and there is plenty of football to play. Let’s hope this time off can get us on the right track to victory!