Chargers vs Raiders: What We Learned

By Ernie Padaon

If you weren’t sure of some of these things before the game, you learned it after the loss to the Oakland Raiders. Here is what we were educated with after this loss:

  • Vincent Brown will get up and GET AFTER  THAT FOOTBALL!! What can Brown do for you?
  • We will leave the game with at least 2 injuries that we will be able to use as an excuse on why we lost the game
  • We will always have a shot to tie OR win the game in the 4th quarter
  • Ryan Mathews is going onto the list of injury riddled first draft picks. He could be awesome, but only if he is on the field.
  • Vincent Jackson does not have eyes in the back of his head
  • If you run the ball on our defense, you are bound to get 5+ yards
  • Brandyn Dombrowski cannot handle the dip move, the speed rush OR any other type of attack on the quarterback.
  • The magic of Norvember is gone
  • Quarterbacks for the opposing team will have all day to throw… ALL DAY!
  • I will come back next week with the same expectations as I did the previous week. Something is wrong with me!?!