Chargers vs Raiders: Recap from Faux John Madden

By Ernie Padaon

If you are on twitter, one of the best FAKE accounts on the web is Faux John Madden. Whoever runs that account is brilliant! With the Chargers vs Raiders on Thursday Night Football, we were able to capture all his attention for the game.

Here are his tweets to summarize the game:

By making their DB’s run back a lot of passes. RT @nfl: Carson Palmer says he’s ready to put a hurting on the Chargers.

“I really miss Joe Theismann and Matt Millen on these Thursday Night Football games.” – Literally nobody

Shane Lechler might throw a better deep ball than Carson Palmer

RT @MonsterCareers: NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! San Diego Chargers head coach. Call A.J. at 619-280-2121 for details

Philip Rivers has been harassed in the pocket more than a woman at an event with Herman Cain.

Who is this man and what has he done with Carson Palmer?!

Can’t blame Hue Jackson for challenging that fumble.. Carson Palmer’s turnovers are typically interceptions not fumbles.

That rule makes as much sense as Lou Holtz reading Shakespeare

The Chargers offensive line elected to deploy the Antonio Cromartie blocking scheme tonight: No protection.

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