Chargers vs Raiders Guest Pass: Keys to Victory

By Ernie Padaon

I asked the people from our facebook fan page what their keys for the game were and here is what they had to say:

NO INTERCEPTIONS! NO TURNOVERS! NO INTERCEPTIONS!!!!Can this be said enough?! Overwhelmingly, this is the number one key to winning this game!

Stop the Run/Make Oakland ThrowThe Raiders want to win this ballgame on the ground with Michael Bush and their big offensive line. We will have to slow Bush down and force Carson Palmer to beat us.

Get Good Field PositionWe need to get more production from our return squads and get some good starting field position for the offense. We shouldn’t be starting inside the 20 when we receive the kickoff. Also, we need to slow the Raiders return game. If the Raiders are on the field, it give Sebastian Janikowski a chance to make that field goal.

Show No Mercy on OffenseDon’t take the foot off of the gas! Attack the Oakland Raiders defense with Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates and run the ball down their throats with Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert. We want touchdowns, not field goals!

BLITZ BLITZ BLITZThe guys coming off of the edges need to put pressure on Carson Palmer. We can’t let him get comfortable back there. We know Antwan Barnes will be able to put some pressure, but will Travis LaGirl? The newly signed Everette Brown might get his chance to get in on the pass rushing tonight.

What other keys to the game do you have?

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