Chargers vs Raiders: First Half of Crap

By Ernie Padaon

Our run defense looks like BOOTY!!! Michael Bush is doing anything that he wants on this defense and it is opening up the field for Carson Palmer to launch the ball down the field. This is reminding me a little bit of the Cinicnnati Bengals game of last year or the Oakland Raiders games of last year also. I seriously could just vomit watching this game.

The offense got a jump start at the very beginning of the game with the special teams making a nice return. The offense marched down the field but stalled when they got into the red zone. We picked up a penalty that pushed us back and we could not recover after that. We only put up 3 points and have not done anything on offense since!

I will say it now! These Chargers SUCK! I hold the right to change my opinion after this half!