Chargers vs Raiders: Special Teams Will Be a Big Test

By Ernie Padaon

Last season, our special teams unit was the worse in the history of time and the Oakland Raiders were one of the teams to expose our disaster. They blocked every punt that we tried to send away and it was EMBARRASSING how bad the squad looked that day. Maybe we will  just score touchdowns on offense this week and forget about punting. Punting is much better than an interception though.

The Raiders have one of the best special teams squad in the league and it is more than their ability to block punts. They have the strong legged fat kicker Sebastian Janikowski. If the Raiders are on the football field, it seems that he has the range to put it through the uprights.

Janikowski will also be kicking the ball off, which means that our offense might as well start the ball off at the 20. We won’t have to worry about Richard Goodman returning the ball to the 15 yard line because the fat kicker will boom it out the back of the end zone.

When the Chargers defense stuffs the Raiders, the Raiders can trot out the best punter in the league. Shane Lechler can boom the ball down the field and force our offense to march the ball down the field.

In the return game, the Raiders have Jacoby Ford and he has that big play ability. The coverage units will have to keep him contained.

It is going to be a big challenge for Rich Bisaccia and the  special teams unit.  We better not look like fools this time around. It will not get an easier next week when we have to face Devin Hester and the Bears.

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