Don’t Expect Shaun Phillips Back for Thursday’s Game

By Ernie Padaon

Don’t expect to see Shaun Phillips back on the field on Thursday against the rival Oakland Raiders. He is expected to miss another game with his bad wheel and there is a possibility that we see him against the Chicago Bears in a couple of weeks.

SP95 sitting on the sideline has opened up the opportunity for Antwan Barnes to shine. We just have to wait for Shaun to get back and then we can have that combo of Shaun and Antwan on the ends to put pressure on opposing QBs.

It could be an opportune time for Shaun to get back in a couple of weeks so the he can reunite with his “buddy” Jay Cutler. I am pretty sure that Shaun would love to get back and put a couple of licks on Jay.

Hopefully Shaun’s recovery is coming smoothly. We need him to step back on the field and do the things that he does. The Shaun and Antwan show could be coming real soon, just not this week.

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