You Might Be a Raiders Fan If….

By Ernie Padaon

It is a short week, so we have to turn the page real fast. It is Raiders week and they will be in town on Thursday so hide your kids, hide your wife!

Since it is Raiders week, we will get started with our bi-annual (does that mean twice a year?) post of “You Might Be a Raiders Fan If….”

I will get it started with a few favorites from the past, and you all can jump in with your creativeness!

You might be a Raiders fan if…

  • your girlfriend uses a sharpie to put on her eyebrows
  • you think your license plate is personalized because your dad made it
  • when you wear a suit people address you as “The Defendant”
  • you sold your car for gas money

Now your turn! I will start a hashtag #youmightbeaRaiderfanif on twitter to get it going out there: