Packers at Chargers – Heartbreak of the Week

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Now that the game is over, I realize my previous headline (Packers at Chargers – Upset of the week!) was unclear.  Of course, we are all upset.  But we are upset because the Chargers lost. Not exactly what I meant.   At least they came back after halftime ready to get the job done, which is something we have not seen very much of this year.  But the agony of three interceptions, with two for touchdowns and the loss in the last minute is killing me.

It’s not like there was no chance we could have won the game.  If you take the 45 to 38 final score and remove the fourteen points the Packers defense scored off Rivers in the first quarter, the final score would have been 31 to 38 with the Chargers taking the win.

This Sunday was the most active and dominant I have seen the Chargers play all year.  This is on both sides of the ball.  I am not sure if we just headed into an upswing or the Chargers elevated their level of play to their opponent.  Chargers fans everywhere are hoping the upswing has begun.

If you take a quick peek at the game leaders without knowing the score you might have thought the Chargers won.  Rodgers threw for 247 yards, where Rivers threw for 385 yards.  Starks ran for 66 yards where Tolbert ran for 83 yards.  Nelson had 105 yards receiving while Jackson pulled in 141.  Chargers dominated on first downs, total yards and scored 100% of the time they got into the red zone.  Where the stats lead you to the fact the Packers won is that the Chargers led with turnovers as well – Packers 0, Chargers 3.

I remember my dad telling me at an early age.  The team with the most turnovers loses.  Thirty years later, this is still true.

ChargerGirl Cindi