Chargers vs Packers: Hot N Cold

By Ernie Padaon

Hot and cold, yes and then NO!!! Here is the good and bad from the Packers loss on Sunday.


Vincent JacksonIs the BEAST back!?! He put up some monster numbers and he looked a step faster this week and opened up the big play for Philip.

Antonio GatesIs it a coincidence that VJ looked better and Gates looked better at the same time. When both of these parts are rolling, you will not be able to stop our offense (unless the turnover monster comes out).

Antwan BarnesHe is showing that he can handle the starting duties and should take over the position for Travis LaGirl when Shaun Phillips comes back. It will be nice to have pressure coming from both outside linebackers.


Philip The Turnover MonsterSomehow he needs to fix this issue. SOMEHOW SOMEWAY! Three big interceptions in the game. We can’t be giving points to the defending Super Bowl Champs.

Marcus GilchristSo, the G-Christ starting experiment has not worked out and it looks like we might have to start Antoine Cason again. Gilchrist had trouble for the second straight week and somebody needs to step up and play well on the corner.

Referees I never like to blame the refs for anything, but why does it feel like we get SCREWED in every game. There are some terrible calls on the field and that touchdown by Jordy Nelson should have been called back! The refs are having too much of an impact on these games!

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