Chargers vs Packers: Predictions

By Ernie Padaon

It is time for the predictions of the game. If you haven’t seen throughout the week, I have already predicted the upset special with the Chargers beating the Pack, so here are my other predictions of the game:

  • Philip Rivers finishes the game with NO turnovers
  • Eric Weddle will take a pick back to the house
  • Vincent Jackson breaks out with 150+ yard performance
  • Aaron Rodgers throws for over 300+
  • Curtis Brinkley gets into the end zone again
  • Travis LaGirl actually gets me to start writing his name correctly after making a couple of impact plays
  • There will be over 60 points scored in this game
  • Corey Liuget will get his 6th tackle of the game
  • 2 Chargers players will not be able to finish the game
  • Chargers 34 – Packers 27