Packers at Chargers – Upset of the week!

By ChargerGirl Cindi

I only wrote the headline once.  I believe, as do many rabid Chargers fans, that this is the week we turn it around.

Sure, the Packers are undefeated (7-0) and coming off a bye week, but the Chargers (4-3) have the edge, the will and the collective hope of the fan base that they have been perplexing week after week.   This week will remind us why we love our Super Chargers and why people who wear cheese on their heads stink.

Here are my top five reasons the Chargers will beat the Packers on Sunday:

1.  Home field advantage.  Rodgers has yet to start a game in California.  This is his home state, so we need to welcome him back with a big serving of West Coast Offense.  Rivers is starting fresh this week and will put up big numbers.

2.  Green Bay secondary.  Fortunately, for the Chargers,  the Packers rank 31st against the pass, giving up 288.9 yards per game.

3.  Tolbert.  Our favorite RB is going to blast through the Packers line and get many more yards than the 130 average they have allowed.  Watch him.

4.  Chargers modus operandi.  The Chargers have a long history of breaking undefeated teams.  Green Bay will be no exception.

5.   It’s November.  Time to start a winning streak.

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