Chargers vs Packers: Why We Will Win

By Ernie Padaon

Time to get this season back on track! We can pull off a big upset by taking down the defending champs in our house. A win would get the angry villagers to put away their pitchforks and torches for a few days. Here are the reasons in why we will win:

Sports Illustrated JinxWe will need all the help that we can get and a little Sports Illustrated jinx is nice. The Pack are on the cover of this week’s SI and some people believe in the jinx.

Tortoise and the Hair, Little Engine That Could, Ugly Duckling, David vs Goliath, Rams beat the Saints last weekendIt’s not likely that we win with the way that we have been playing, but there are storybooks of great things happening when it is not expected. Any given Sunday! This is why we play the games! Anything can happen out on the field and hopefully we get things rolling in our direction.

Norv-emberIt’s November and this is when Norv gets his act together and the team starts rollin. Norv is 28-7 in the month of November as the Bolt Head Coach and he has won his last 8 November contests.

Home CookingIt won’t be a real friendly home crowd at the Q with all the cheese heads traveling out this way, but at least the players will be sleeping in their own beds. We have been on the road for the last 3 games and it should be a nice change.

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