Chargers Round Table

By Ernie Padaon
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Q5: When the dust finally settles, how do you see this game turning out?

Bolt Beat: Philip Rivers will come back strong and enjoy being back at home. He will have his best game of the season and will quiet down all the chatter. People will jump back on the bandwagon and the rollercoaster ride continues.

Chargers 34 – Packers 28

Chat Chargers: I’ve been a Chargers fan for a long time, and I always attempt to remain optimistic, but I just don’t see it here. The problem is that there really isn’t a single person on the Chargers who presents a gameplan-altering problem to opposing offenses/defenses. Considering that the Bolts are playing nothing better than alright football in every facet of the game, while the Packers are playing like defending Super Bowl Champions should, I just don’t see this one happening. Packers 42 – Chargers 24

Max Greenspan: I look at the Chargers, and I can’t say I’m optimistic. Year after year the Bolts tease fans with their potential, showing up when you think they won’t and then for one reason or another not capitalizing when they need to. This year is no different, except that there are more worrisome issues on top of inconsistency, namely the play of Philip Rivers. Against a Packers team that has more than earned the repeat murmurs, I have difficulty believing that the Bolts could win even if they brought their A-game. They still do have enough talent to give the Pack a game if they can get Rivers clicking with the offense, but in all likelihood the Pack are too complete. Packers 31- Chargers 21 (but who knows which Chargers team shows up…)

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