Chargers Round Table

By Ernie Padaon
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Q3: The Bolts are having trouble on offense, so help them out. What are their three keys to success this weekend?

Bolt Beat: 1. Ball Security – We can’t give the Packers more opportunities to score. We have to keep the turnovers down to ZERO!

2. Get Started Quickly – We need to get out of the starting blocks quick and get some of the pressure off of Philip Rivers. A quick start would be a great boost for Rivers’ confidence.

3. Give Philip Time – The running backs and offensive line will need to get Philip Rivers more time to find his receivers. The receivers should be able to break free in this secondary and make some big plays, so ultimately Rivers just needs the time and room to step into his throws.

Chat Chargers: 1. Marcus McNeill – It has been a long time since I’ve seen McNeill play as badly as he did last weekend. If he repeats that performance, don’t expect anything interesting out of the Chargers offense.

2. Run, Run, Run – Considering that the Chargers played from behind for most of their game, and that a rash of injuries seems to have magically struck the running back corps, it is going to be more important than ever to come out and establish the run early. Bringing back an effective running game means less pressure on Philip Rivers, and we all know how important that is.

3. Tempo – No more penalties, no more turnovers, no more dumb throws, and no more busted plays. If San Diego wants to win this game, they need to dictate the tempo with an offense that moves the ball consistently. They’ll never play as a cohesive unit if things keep falling apart.

Max Greenspan: 1. Line play – It’s that simple. McNeill played nothing like the anchor he should be on the line, and the right side crashes faster than the Hindenburg. If they can allow Rivers to stand tall in the pocket, he should be able to play more like the QB we are used to seeing.

2. Establish a running game – Not only are Tolbert and Mathews banged up, but even Monday Night’s sparkplug Curtis Brinkley hurt himself late in the game. Someone needs to threaten the Packers enough throughout the game so that they can’t just open the floodgates on Rivers. 3.) 2 Minute Drill – I might be asking for much, and who am I to criticize a well-respected offensive mind like Norv’s, but if the game comes down to the 2 minute drill, it needs to be executed much better than what we have seen recently from the Chargers.