Chargers vs Packers: Why We Will Lose

By Ernie Padaon

This post seems to be getting easier and easier to write as the weeks go on and that means that we must be playing bad football! We need to get things straight and we have the Champs coming into town. A win could wipe away some of our tears though! Here are the reasons why the Chargers will lose:TurnoversThe running backs can’t hold onto the ball. The quarterback can’t hold onto the ball. We can’t even throw the ball to the right color uniform. It has been a MESS!!!!! We had four turnovers last week and we make them at the most inopportune times.

Philip RiversAfter last week’s disaster, there is no way I could leave him off of this list. Philip is finding new ways to lose the game. He has not been sharp and his confidence has to be shaken. How many turnovers will he have against the Packers defense? Someone wake up our sleeping giant, WE NEED HIM!!!!

These are the PackersThere is a reason that the Packers are the defending Super Bowl Champs and that they are undefeated this season. They are well balanced in all aspects of the game and they know how to win games. We still are trying to get to their level.

Aaron RodgersHe is the best QB in the league and has the agility to move around in the pocket and buy extra time. Our defense already gives quarterbacks all day to throw, now Rodgers will have an eternity to pick apart the defense.

Charles WoodsonWoodson is leading the lead in interceptions and he is licking his chops to face the turnover-machine Philip. Woodson will get his hands on some balls in this game.

We will have to overcome our own issues quickly. We need to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and we can be competitive in this game. If we still trip over our own feet in this game, it could get to the embarrassing level.

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