Rivers Leads the League

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Unfortunately, for the first time in his career, Rivers is number one for giveaways.   This is a new statistic for the Chargers quarterback, which again has me asking, what is wrong with Rivers?  At least he is in good company.  Rivers has 14 turnovers, with 11 interceptions and 3 fumbles.  Grossman, Kolb, Newton, Roethlisberger, Ryan and Vick are all tied at 11.

In Monday’s game at Kansas City, Rivers finally had a good throwing game and threw for 369 yards.  Unfortunately, he also had two interceptions and the game losing snap fumble.  Kansas City was not perfect on the field either and the teams combined to get eight turnovers, matching the most in an NFL game this season.

Right now Rivers and the Chargers are playing terribly.  The season is at the halfway point and I am already running low on Bayer and Tums.

ChargerGirl Cindi