If Only Ryan Mathews Could Stay Healthy and Not Fumble…

By Ernie Padaon

Does Ryan Mathews get injured in EVERY GAME? Has he been hanging out with Malcom Floyd too much? He needs to be able to finish what he starts!

AND can he hold onto the STUPID ball!!! I thought we had this thing fixed!?! We could have had a field goal or a touchdown in that drive and the outcome would have been much different.

Ryan can be a really good running back in this league, but he needs to stay on the field and hold onto the freaking football. He needs to find ways to put that ball in the end zone also. He hasn’t scored since the first time we played the Chiefs.

We need him (and a whole bunch of Chargers) to step up!

Oh yea, that vid is of some guy that lost a bet in the Kansas City game and had to burn his jersey. I cut it shorter and added some music to it. The original vid is from sinister98.