Hi My Name is Ernie And I Am A Chargers Fan

By Ernie Padaon

Hi my name is Ernie

and I am a San Diego Chargers fan.

I come back every week and put my hopes into this team KNOWING that I will go through severe heart attacks. I will go through weeks of depression in hopes that they will bring me joy again!This Halloween, I slipped up and watched them again! I don’t know how I will ever recover after that RIDICULOUS game! A fumble at the end of the 4th quarter on a drive that would have won the game! Haven’t you taken the snap a MILLION times in your career!! Philip, you didn’t even have the chance to throw the interception this time and you STILL found a way to give the ball to the other team. We didn’t even have Nate Kaeding to blame for missing a field goal, if it got to that point! You have FOURTEEN turnovers this year!


What was Marcus McNeill doing out there? He was collecting flags all game long! I think he wanted to have one for each of Philip’s kids.

I can’t even get mad at my normal scapegoat! Travis LaGirl actually made some things happen on the defensive side. He still SUCKED and missed out on some plays, but at least he made an impact.

Who else do I need to call out? Norval? Should I blame Norval for the 4 turnovers in the game? NO, but he still is the leader of this sorry cast of misfits that can’t get the basics down.

BALL SECURITY!!! Ryan Mathews puts the ball on the ground! Philip and Nick Hardwick can’t get the snap down! BASIC SKILLS!!!!

We are 4-3 and face the undefeated Packers at home this weekend! I want to cry a little bit.

OF COURSE I will be out there rooting my team on Sunday and going through all the HELL all over again! BOLT FAN TILL I DIE (OR TILL THEY KILL ME)!