Chargers vs Chiefs: Lingering Questions

By Ernie Padaon

HOW THE HECK DO YOU FUMBLE A SNAP!?!?!?!?! I probably could stop with that one question, but lets continue.

Can Ryan Mathews ever finish a game without getting injured?

Should we just expect a pair of interceptions from Philip in every game?

Is there reason to expect anything better from Philip in the weeks to come?

Can the Chargers find a way to fix any of their issues?

Will Norv Turner last to the end of the season?

SIX penalties from Marcus McNeill?!? (guess that really wasn’t a question)

How many people will show up on the injury report this week?

How many times will the Chargers tell us that they put this game behind them and only looking toward the next game?

How many people are starting to ask for Billy Volek to start?

Is Philip Rivers the new Tony Romo?

When will the pain from this game stop hurting?

A million question marks come from this game and the mess that they gave us!! What lingering questions do you have after that debacle?