Who Have the Chiefs Beaten?

By Ernie Padaon

Even though the Chiefs are on a 3 game upswing, take a look at the quarterbacks that they have beaten in those game: Curtis Painter, Donovan McNabb and Kyle Boller. That isn’t exactly the gauntlet of quarterbacks! Those are some quarterbacks that are at the very bottom of the QB totem pole. All those guys are second-string quarterbacks!We know that Philip Rivers has been in a funk, but even in his FUNK he is better than that list of terrible. We need him to come back in this game on the road and play well!The Chiefs are gaining a lot of confidence and it will be up to Philip and company to slow down their momentum.

If Philip plays to the level of those bustas then we could be looking at shared first place standing with the Chiefs. We need Philip and we need him now! This is a battle for the top spot!

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