Chargers vs Chiefs: What to Watch

By Ernie Padaon

Philip RiversOf course you will be watching him, BUT this time you will be seeing if he is wincing in pain OR limping around. You will be seeing if he has something wrong with his mechanics, checking his arm strength and seeing if he is confident. After you don’t see anything unusual, then you can notice that sweet pass he throws deep to Vincent Jackson and the beautiful touch pass to Gates in the end zone!Marcus GilchristThe kid looks like he will get the start and the Chiefs will be sure to challenge him. Let’s see if he is up for it and let’s hope he can make some plays.

Jackie BattleShe has helped lift up the Chiefs running attack. Battle is a tough runner and carries people after the first hit. It will be up to the bug uglies up front to slow down this monster.

Jammer vs BoweQ.Jam and Bowe will be one of the best matchups on the field. They will be going at it and hopefully Jam can win the battle.

Tamba HaliHali is a beast and will get a lot of pressure on Philip. Big Mac Marcus McNeill will need to slow him down and the backs better pick up that block when he gets free. He makes things happen and will force Philip to rush his passes.