Chargers at Chiefs – Halloween edition

By ChargerGirl Cindi

My husband and I were watching Scream last night and I had a scary realization.  The victims in scary movies act like the Chargers have been playing.  They hit the bad guy, then bad guy falls down and they run away screaming. This is a bad idea for surviving in a scary movie and on the football field.  Time to break down how to get away from a homicidal maniac and win a football game.

Use your tools – In the scary movie the bad guy always has a weapon.  Get your own weapon and use it.  We have a whole shelf of weapons available:  Gates – very painful when used correctly, Jackson – having him makes the opponent think twice, Mathews – use often and swiftly, Rivers – can be used from far away, go long!

Watch the clock –  Clocks are notoriously bad omens in horror movies and in Charger games.  I wonder if someone on the team recently got a clock?  Perhaps it was built by a 15th century French necromancer and it’s evil?  Okay, out of Amityville and back to Arrowhead, the Chargers need to manage the clock for the entire game.  No relaxing for 60 football minutes, period.

Be smart – Obviously, the killer is typically not the sharpest stick in the pile.  Outsmart them and you win.  Same with football.  If Rivers can go four quarters without handing over the ball we are pretty much golden.  It’s not as if our play calling is what’s going to outsmart the Chiefs.  The Chargers probably have the easiest team to design a defensive strategy around thanks to Turners predictive play calling.  So, turnovers are not an option.

Know your assailant – Rivers had zero touchdowns and two interceptions in the 20-17 win over Kansas City.  While not pretty, that win started the Chargers on a three-game run.  The Chiefs have issues when they play the Chargers, they are looking for revenge since their loss to the Chargers was their Chiefs third straigh.  Not how they wanted to start their spree, I mean season.  They also know that no team has started 0-3 and won its next four games since Pittsburgh in 2000.

Finish it – This is probably the most important.  When you hit the bad guy, or, let’s say, get a lead in points you keep hitting.  Don’t let them get up – ever.  The Chiefs have killed three in a row, it’s not time to be their fourth victim.  Persistence, momentum and wits, that’s how we get out alive!

Can’t wait for Monday!

ChargerGirl Cindi