Chargers vs Chiefs: Why the Bolts Will Lose

By Ernie Padaon

I have changed the title of this post twice this year and BOTH times we have lost that game. I have to go back to the original title and roll with it! I am not going to say I am superstitious, but I do change my shirt in the middle of a game if we are doing poorly. AND I can’t watch the game with certain people because the Bolts seem to do poorly when they are around me. SO if that is superstitious, them MAYBE you can say I am.

SO, back to the reasons why we will lose this game against the Chiefs:

Did you watch last week?We have not scored a point in our last couple of quarters and Philip Rivers looked like a mess in the 4th quarter. The Chiefs just came off pf a game where they intercepted the ball SIX times!! How many interceptions do you think they will have in this game?

We take our foot off the gasWhen we are winning at the half, teams have the confidence to come from behind and steal the victory. Until we can clean this up, teams will always feel like they have a chance against us. Need the killer instinct!

Home field advantageWe have to travel out to Arrowhead. It is a difficult place to play and the fans out there are getting more hope on the season with their last couple of victories. If they win this matchup, they will be sitting in first place with us. The home crowd will be loud and ready.

Tamba HaliPlease Tamba, when you get to Philip, just lay him down lightly and don’t hurt him! Marcus McNeill might not participate in the game because of an injury and that will be a TOUGH assignment for Brandyn Dombrowski to pick up. Dombro vs Hali! Philip better get that ball out quick or we will be talking about some fumbles on Tuesday.

Jackie BattleThis isn’t one of the Chiefs cheerleaders or a player’s girlfriend, this is one of the big runningbacks that will be given the rock on Monday Night. He is a pounder, despite the girl name! If Shonn Greene can burn us, then anyone can do it!

Dwayne BoweHe is the biggest threat in the Kansas City offense. At least Quentin Jammer will have the assignment and Jam has done a pretty good job on him over the years. This will be one of the good matchups to watch during the game. Let’s see if the refs let them play football instead of making terrible calls.