I Will be the Idiot to Say It, Sign Terrell Owens!

By Ernie Padaon

Hear me out before you MURDER me on this post! I know there are a lot of Terrell Owens haters out there and people will say we already have a lot of receivers.

First off, can Malcom Floyd ever finish a game? He makes one acrobatic catch a game and leaves right after with an injury! There is a reason why he didn’t get many offers in the off-season. Once he gets out of the game, nobody is able to fill his spot and everyone focuses in on Vincent Jackson.

As much as I loved Patrick Crayton last year, WHERE IS HE?! He has been bad at punt returns and has been non-existent on offense.

One of our biggest weaknesses this year is our passing offense. It’s crazy, but it is true right now! Adding another threat on the offense can only help.

What is there really to lose by signing TO for one year. He acts up and we cut him. If he gets hurt, we place him on IR like we did Bob Sanders. If he has lost a step, we cut him. Sometimes it takes a risk to get a reward. It would be the same risk we took on Bob Sanders.

TO steps on the filed and demands respect. He showed that he can still be a top playmaker with his play last year with the Bengals and he has been on good behavior the last couple of seasons. The one thing that TO is missing is that championship ring and he could get a chance here.

Where would we play him? If he still has that playmaking ability, you start him opposite of VJ. When we bring in a 3rd receiver, we use M80 and TO on the outside and put VJ in the slot. VJ has shifted over to the slot a few times this year. He has no fear and will make that catch over the middle. There is no team in the league to cover those 3 receivers when they are on the field.

TO has always been a threat in the red zone. Haven’t we had some issues in the red zone this year? TO and Antonio Gates could be top targets down there.

I know I am insane and I might be getting a little desperate. I would definitely take the chance on him!

Now you can call me an idiot!

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