TE McMichael not impressed by Jets performance.

By FanSided Staff

After watching the Chargers @ Jets game this Sunday, it was very apparent to me that it was not necessarily a great performance by the Jets that swayed the momentum of the game. In fact, I would place all the blame on a poor performance of the Bolts. Call Revis a “shut-down” corner all you want but when the ball was thrown in timing with Vincent Jackson‘s routes, VJ actually had a step on Revis on half the plays. Rivers did seem a bit out of sync and they did a great job of shutting down our ground game, but does that mean we played poorly or they played greatly?

Here is TE Randy McMichael‘s take on the game:

“Their secondary isn’t anything,” McMichael said after the game. “It’s our fault. It had nothing to do with anybody on their team. It’s all about the guys in this locker room room, we lost the game. They didn’t do anything.”

Would you place more of the blame on the Chargers not showing up for the game? Or would you say the Jets were playing at an elite level?