Chargers vs Jets: Hot N Cold

By Ernie Padaon

Was there anything hot about that game!?!? I would like to name some defenders that put up some solid stats, but they allowed the Jets to run the ball down our throat and pass for 3 touchdowns. I guess I will muster up some hots for the game:HOTDonald ButlerThat strip and run back to start off the game should have just put the Jets to sleep and given us the momentum to ride to a victory. Too bad the offense played terrible. Butler also led the team in tackles.

Eric WeddleAnother interception onto the stat sheet and a sweet hit on Ladainian Tomlinson. There were times where it was just him and Shonn Greene and he actually made the tackle.

COLDAntoine CasonUGH! I would have caught 3 touchdowns with that type of coverage on me!

Philip RiversOne day he will be back! I just hope it is sooner than later! 2 more interceptions and his accuracy was terrible. There were a couple of plays deep to Vincent Jackson that were overthrown and both of his interceptions were off target.

Norv TurnerWhen the whole team lets off of the gas pedal, the coach gets the blame! The team has failed to make adjustments at the half when they have the lead. It happened against the Chiefs and the Broncos in the previous weeks.