Antonio Cromartie call Chargers “a Team That Can’t Finish”

By Ernie Padaon

Antonio Cromartie called out the Chargers and said we are

a team that can’t finish. – NY Daily News

Thank you Antonio Cromartie for your expert analysis. Everyone in San Diego could have told you that we are a team that can’t finish right now. Now close your legs and keep it in your pants!Darrelle Revis responded to Randy McMichael with this:

He’s just a number. We were focused on Antonio Gates, who’s a better tight end anyway. – NY Daily News

There is all kinds of smack flying back and forth between the teams now and it will make for a good meeting in the playoffs. I expect to be there and if the Jets are there, it will be one bitter meeting between the two teams!

I hope these words start firing up the guys in the locker room. That is the reputation on the team right now and they need to get motivated to change it! Use it as motivation and let’s take it out on the next opponents!