Abandon Ship! Chargers Bandwagon Getting Emtpy

By Ernie Padaon

Is this what a real bandwagon looks like? I never knew

Go ahead guys, jump off of the bandwagon! I will see you all after we beat the Chiefs next week!

I keep hearing a whole lot of people jumping off the bandwagon and saying that this is the worst Chargers team in years!!! This is the worst 4-2 team ever and Philip Rivers is turning into Tony Romo. People are PISSED at the performance from the Bolts in the second half and the whole season has been a disappointment even in the wins!!

Settle down Bolt Nation! Philip Rivers will get this thing back on track. He is a winner and will fight his way out of this funk. If Rivers was a shadow of himself last season, we would be undefeated this year and we would be blowing teams out of the water. I gotta believe Rivers will be back and will be back with a vengeance!

People jump off the bandwagon EVERY YEAR and then we start winning and for some reason you all start showing up again! Keep your Bolt Pride and BOLT UP! We are in first place and there is only room to get better!