Where Are You Pointing the Fingers At in Chargers Loss?

By Ernie Padaon

What a mess of a game!! It looked good in the first half, then the team forgot to get out of the locker room in the second half. Here is where we can point the finger at for this game:

Philip RiversWhat the heck is wrong with Philip this year?!? He is a mess and he threw a couple of picks in the game again and one of them took points off of the board! That is just unacceptable!

Antoine CasonOne jab step by Plaxico Burress and Cason was dust! He allowed 3 touchdowns to him. Who shot themselves in the foot on that one?

Travis LaBoyDoes he do anything!??!

Refs!!!A neutral zone infraction a million times!!! Aren’t the defenders allowed to get back? How was that a pass interference on Quentin Jammer? Refs SUCKED today!

Who are you pointing the fingers at in this game?