Beat Freak Post: Can Norv Turner Pull a Page From the Zen Master?

By Ernie Padaon

What’s happening y’all, one of the BEAT FREAKS sent me a topic for the site and I wanted to share it with all of you:

Do you think Norv should take a page out of the Zen-Masters,Phil Jackson, game plan and call out the other teams best player for getting away with calls prior to the game starting? I remember it really became a focal point for the ref’s and everybody else watching the games and it got inside the head of the player.

So I think he should put even more focus on the Revis Island than Mike Francesa did yesterday. If Norv puts it out there that Revis gets away with Pass Interference, do you think the refs will pay more attention to it and would be forced to call even the smallest of penalties otherwise face nationwide scrutiny from all football fans? – Abdiweli Haji

My take:If Norv could do something like that, it definitely would get attention. BUT outside of his little spat with Rex Ryan, Norv just sits back and doesn’t cause any waves. I am hoping that Revis gets a little more attention in the game from the refs and anytime he has a hold of the jersey, he gets that yellow flag coming out.

if you guys have a take, feel free to send it out to me at and you could get posted.