Chargers vs Jets: Spying in on Jet Nation

By Ernie Padaon

I have been spying in on New York radio and talking to a bunch of Jets fans to get a feel for our opponents this weekend. There is a lot of frustration out in Jersey with their team and their level of play.

It actually sounds a lot like the fans out here in San Diego, BUT we at least have a winning record while they are sitting at 3-3. They were happy with their win against the Miami Dolphins, but felt like it was an unimpressive win for the team.

They even talked about the Carson Palmer deal out there because the Raiders will be part of that Wild Card Playoff race later in the year. The Jets would lose the tie breaker to Oakland since they lost their head-to-head match-up earlier in the year.

As for the team, there is a lot of talk about Plaxico Burress. He has not been a factor this season and people are starting to question if his heart is in it OR if he has lost a step. He is getting older and it would be easy to say that he has lost a step.

There are also questions on Mark Sanchez regressing. He is in his third year and should have a good grasp on the offense and the team tried to give him more targets this year. He has not been able to lift up the offense to the level that was expected.

The biggest gripe in Jet nation is the offensive play calling of Brian Schottenheimer. Jets fans are all calling for his head! He doesn’t stretch the field with his receivers and he doesn’t take advantage of the players strengths. If we can slow down their offense to a bunch of 3-and-outs, we could hear a lot of boo-birds coming out to that game!

The Rex Ryan act is getting a little tired and old out there. When you are not winning, I can see how this can get old REAL FAST!!!

Lastly, former players are chiming in on the lack of leadership in the locker room. Former Jet, Kris Jenkins, said that they have a ‘catty’ locker room because there is no more leadership in it. All kinds of bickering going on out there!

Let’s take advantage of the situation while they are pointing fingers all around. They are TEAM TURMOIL and we need to kick that team while they are down!

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