Norv Turner Fires Back

By Ernie Padaon

Things are getting a little juicy between the coaches this Wednesday. Rex Ryan “inadvertently” takes a shot at Norv Turner by saying he would have had a couple of rings if he were the Chargers head coach and now Norv fires back:

Who is this Norv Turner and how do we keep him here? Norv is never good for a quote, but it sounds like someone got under his skin! This game on Sunday is going to be an epic battle and the team that gets the win will have the last word!Here are some quotes from some of the players today about Rexy Sexy:

"Do we stand behind our coach? Yes. Do we love Norv as a coach? Yes. Would we want another coach? No. Bottom line is I have no problem with what he said because of the fact he is allowed to have an opinion. – Shaun Phillips"

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