If Rex Ryan Were Chargers Coach “I Would Have Gotten a Couple Rings.”

By Ernie Padaon

When Rex Ryan was asked if he had gotten the Chargers job in 07 he responded with this:

Is that a slap in the face to Norv Turner or is he saying that the Jets suck? Either way, this is added motivation for Norv and crew to beat down on them Jets!

Rex Ryan is one cocky punk and claims that he will win the Super Bowl every season with the Jets, but he has as many rings as AJ Smith right now. His act is getting old in New York and his team looks like it is starting to regress.

A lot of Bolts fans have been asking for a head coach with Rex’s personality and style and would probably agree with his statement. Do you agree with Rexy Sexy?

This could be another Shwartz-Harbaugh handshake at the end of the game on Sunday.

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