Gates – “Hope” is the Strategy.

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Antonio Gates was able to practice with the team Monday with the hope of being ready for Sunday’s game at the Jets.  When asked about his injury after practice he said the scar tissue that surrounds the plantar fasciitis could “pop” at any time.  Knowing that, he said “you hope that you don’t tear the scar tissue”.  He says in a controlled environment like practice, he feels good.  Listening to him talk about it, he is 100% committed to getting healed physically.  Coming to practice is giving him the mental confidence he needs to perform on the field.  He will be back on the field for practice on Wednesday.

So, he is going to practice this week and he said it will be a game day decision.  I am putting him in for FF right now.

ChargerGirl Cindi

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