The Chargers BYE Week is Over, Time to Get Back to Work

By Ernie Padaon

I hope all the Chargers players enjoyed their time off to fly back over to family across the country, but it is time to get back to work and get this team rolling on all cylinders. It seems that we have only been able to put together a good half in each of our 5 games this season. We still have 4 wins, but we need to start putting whole games in.

We need all the guys to get back into practice and get their reps in for the week. Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson and Ryan Mathews need to be rested and ready for this battle against the Jets. We will be watching the injury reports this week to see how quickly they all have recovered.

Bringing home a win against the Jets in New York should bring more LOVE to this team from the home crowd. People will start to jump back onto the bandwagon. The Chargers have been sleepwalking through the first 5 games and its time to wake up and get this season going in full throttle. Sleepwalking and winning 80% of the games is pretty good!

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