Chargers Bye Week – Watch Oakland lose?

By ChargerGirl Cindi

Not only do the Chargers have a bye week, but so do the Broncos and Chiefs.  While three quarters of our division is resting, we still have the Raider game.  Unfortunately for us, the Raiders are playing the Browns.  To make matters worse, they are playing in Oakland.  So, the odds of the 2-2 Browns pulling off a win here are pretty slim.  The only thing that will make this game interesting is the fact that the Browns have yet to meet an opponent as ruthless as the Raiders so there should be some interesting unsportsmanlike penalties and maybe a few ejections from the game.

If you are not feeling up to this game I think an exciting match up today will be the Eagles at Redskins.  The number one Redskins and the last place Eagles have very similar numbers on offense, so this should turn out to be a nail biter.  Or, the Redskins will just cook the Eagles for dinner.

Common week 7!

ChargerGirl Cindi