Does Travis LaBoy Do Anything For the Chargers?

By Ernie Padaon

Over and over and over again, I would tell you all how unsatisfied I was with the play of Bryan Walters. He might become a great player some time, but putting expectations of Wes Welker is a lot.

Since Walters has been inactive for the last couple of games, I had to start putting my focus on another player that has struggled: Travis LaBoy! What does he even do?

Laboy is the starting outside linebacker for the Bolts and he still has less tackles than Bob Sanders. He always seems to get to the pile a step too late and he hasn’t picked up one sack this season. That is terrible for someone that was regarded as a pass rushing specialist when he was brought here in the off-season. He needs to step up the production or be pushed down the depth chart.

Let’s give Larry English his chance to start. He is healthy now and he is leading the team with a couple of sacks in his limited play. He needs to get those reps and learn the position on the job. We can keep Antwan Barnes in on passing downs also. Antwan Barnes produces and puts pressure on the QBs!

Otherwise, the trading deadline is coming up and we should make a move for an outside linebacker that can produce. There is a guy in Miami that might be available in Cameron Wake. He definitely would be an upgrade at the position and could help out Shaun Phillips in the pass rush.

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