Chargers BYE Weeks Stats: Numbers to Improve Upon

By Ernie Padaon

Take a look at some of the numbers during the BYE week. We should be able to improve on a lot of these things. Check them out:-5. Turnover Ratio. Disgrossting!

0-3. Fourth down conversions

0. Fumbles recovered by our defense. All the turnovers created were by interceptions (5).

2. Leaders in SACKS have a pair each. Would you have guessed Larry English? Antwan Barnes has a pair also.

2. Touchdowns allowed where the defense had no control. One return from Percy Harvin and the pick six in Denver.

4. Tackles by MIKE TOLBERT! Maybe we can use him at outside linebacker?

6. Amount of points scored by Mike Scifres for his field goal attempts in the first week of the season. That is 6 more points than All-Pro TE Antonio Gates

6/7. Touchdown to interception ratio from Philip Rivers this season

9. Fumbles from our team this season. We have only forced ONE on defense!

12/12.  Touchdowns scored by us AND by the opponent this season. We have a winning record, but we have scored the same amount of TDS as the opponent.

12/11. Bob Sanders tackles over our starting outside linebacker Travis LaBoy’s tackles. How does Bob still have more tackles than him?

37%. Percentage of our passes that have been completed to Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert.

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