Morning Dump

By Ernie Padaon

It’s a BYE week and I am slipping with getting this out in the morning. Better late than never I guess?

Anyway, enjoy your dump:

There’s a feeling that the Chargers haven’t played their best despite being 4-1.

This week’s stadium news features the death of Al Davis, a Buffalo visit by Roger Goodell, doubts about AEG’s Farmers Field and deafening silence from the most influential players in San Diego’s public debate.

8. (12) San Diego Chargers 4-1: The Chargers continue to find new ways to win games each week despite the struggles of Philip Rivers–but none of that matters as long as they keep winning. For a team that has been known to get off to shaky starts, the fact that San Diego is 4-1 heading into Week 6 is a great sign and they should be considered the favorites in the AFC West. Still, Rivers needs to figure out a way to get his turnover problem under control if this team has any chance of returning to the playoffs this season.

No, the Chargers have not beaten a team with any substance (The teams that the Chargers have beaten have combined for only four wins) and have failed to “dominate” in these wins, but they are winning games they have lost in past seasons. These losses to bad teams have resulted in the slow starts Chargers’ fans are used to.