Solutions to the Chargers Crappy Red Zone Offense

By Ernie Padaon

let the baby giraffe do it

We SUCK when we get to the red zone! We have to start getting a little more creative with our playcalling down in that area. Running the ball up the middle with Mike Tolbert is getting to feel like running the ball up the middle with Darren Sproles, it leaves us disappointed and without a touchdown!!

If we want to compete with the elite teams in the league, we will have to get that ball in the end zone! Here are some ideas on getting this fixed:

Antonio GatesGetting him back and HEALTHY in the offense will be HUGE for us. Philip Rivers trusts him to get open and will throw Gates the ball knowing that he will win the battle with any defender.

FullbackJacob Hester gets a lot done with that small frame, but is that size hurting him down in the Red Zone when the linebackers are geared up to stop the run? Maybe we should bring up Frank Summers from the practice squad and he could use his 255 pounds of fun to bulldoze a path for our guys to the end zone. SHOOT, line up Takeo Spikes at full back in the red zone so he can plow over some people (half -joke).

Use the HeightMalcom Floyd and  Vincent Jackson will have the height advantage over their defenders and both can jump out of the building. Just toss it up to them and give them a chance to make the play. We attempted it one time on Sunday with a pass in the corner of the end zone to M80, but it was a bit outside.

Wildcat OffenseI know the fad of the wildcat has died a little, but there are still teams that use this around the goal line area with success. It adds another blocker and there is no wasting time with a handoff. Just get that ball directly in the hands of Ryan Mathews and let him find that hole to the end zone.

EXECUTE!There are too many times when a sack or a penalty moves us backward in the red zone. We need to be clean on the front line and give the guys time to get open. Execution is HUGE  on that part of the field.

What are some of your solutions to this mess?