Chargers vs Broncos: Inside the Numbers

By Ernie Padaon

baby giraffe is on the move

Is everyone OK!?! I had a bit of a heart attack during the game, just hope that everyone made it out OK! Here are look at some of the numbers from the game:

0. Sacks by our defense. More pressure? 3-man rush won’t get it done.

1. Dropped interception by Eric Weddle

1/5. Red zone efficiency. We better get that fixed.

2. Another pair of turnovers by the team. Both by Philip Rivers.

4. Number of times we should have scored a touchdown instead of kicking a field goal.

4-1. the only stat that should matter! Winning!

5. Sacks allowed by the offensive line on Philip Rivers. Why are they mad at Philip?

5-5. Nails Nick Novak with his field goals.

7. Average yards per rush by the Broncos offense led by Willis McGahee and Tim Tebow.

9. Number of times I was wondering who this Joe Mays kid for the Broncos was. Also the number of tackles for him.

13. Kickoffs that went for a touchback.

16. Number of points that should have been added to our score if we had touchdowns instead of field goals.