Chargers vs Broncos: Hot N Cold

By Ernie Padaon

Craziness of a game! It should have a been a blowout, but we let off the gas in the second half and let the Broncos crawl right back into it. Tim Tebow had all day to throw the ball and was making a mess of our defense. We survived and snuck out of Denver with a 4-1 record. I guess that is all that should matter.

Here are the Hot N Cold from Sunday:


Nick “Nails” Novak5-for-5 in his field goal attempts and perfect as a San Diego Charger on the season. He is one of the few things that are consistent on the team right now.

4-1I guess we should never complain for a 4-1 record (but we still do)! There is still a lot of potential on this team that we are not living up to. We will take the wins while we are waiting to see the team explode!

Ryan MathewsThe kid is killing it and pushed through all his scraped and bruises to put up career numbers. He carried the offense in the first half and is a huge weapon on the offense.

BYE WeekDang we needed this BYE week (I think we say this every year though)!  It’s a good time to rest up all these injuries and gain a head of steam for the back end of the schedule.


TurnoversThey disappeared against Miami, but they were back again this weekend! An interception for a score and a fumble that nobody on the Chargers wanted to pick up. We need to take care of that ball!

Red Zone Offense1-for-5 in our Red Zone offense! We  need to score TOUCHDOWNS when we get the ball that far. We couldn’t put the ballgame away and those 16 points left floating in the air would have made the game unreachable. Hopefully the return of Antonio Gates will help.

InjuriesWe finished the game with only one running back available. Jacob Hester had to take all the carries at the end of the game and Randy McMichael had to step up as the full back. It was a hard hitting game, but we ran out of depth at the position.

Second HalfDid we run a prevent offense with our prevent defense for the whole half? I thought we were a second half team? We scored only 6 points in the second half and that 3-man rush has been terrible all season. We still keep going to the well hoping for good things. Next time we should go for the kill!