Chargers vs Broncos: The Match-ups to Watch

By Ernie Padaon

It is a division battle and all these players know one each other pretty well. In some of these cases, we have young players that  are getting ready for an intense divisional match-up that they will see twice a year.

Jeromey Clary vs Von MillerThe rookie Von Miller will be a tough match up for Jeromey Clary. Miller can be a game changer and has the ability to make big time plays in the backfield. Clary will need to keep poised to slow down Miller from getting to Philip Rivers. Miller already has 4 sacks on the season and has forced 2 fumbles. Miller is proving to be one of the best young pass rushers in the league and he will be an impact player in this league and division for years to come. This match-up could get interesting!

Antoine Cason vs Eric DeckerDecker is leading the Broncos in receiving yards and touchdowns. He has enjoyed starting opposite of Brandon Lloyd in the Bronco offense and Orton likes getting him the ball. He is in his second year and is a big target for Orton. Cason will have his hands full and will have to keep tight coverage  to limit the big plays.

Kyle Orton vs Tim TebowYou know it is bad when there is a billboard that screams “Start Tim Tebow” out in town. That is some faith in their starting QB right there. Every wrong step that Orton makes, the fans are there to chant Tebow’s name. Not only is Orton playing against the Chargers defense, he is trying to perform to shut up his hometown fans.. Will we see some Tebow on Sunday?

Takeo Spikes vs Willis McGaheeThese two big hitting vets will come to a collision many times in the game. McGahee is a downhill runner that loves to run over people and Takeo loves to lay the lumber.  Donald Butler will get involved in the action as well. It is a collision course for all these players!

Vincent Jackson vs Champ BaileyVincent has been hurt. Champ has been hurt. There will be no excuses on the field on Sunday though.  These are two of the best in the business ready to go at it.

What match-ups are you looking forward to on Sunday?