Preparing for the Broncos.

By ChargerGirl Cindi

As the leader in the AFC West, the Chargers need to march into Mile High stadium and show the Bronco’s that the Chargers are not lucky, they are good.

Preparations for that game are happening right now.  While the Broncos are not lucky or good, they still pose a threat.  Here is where we need to pay attention.

Rivers – The struggles of Philip Rivers have been well documented through the early part of the season.  Rivers has already thrown six interceptions and only managed to throw for five touchdowns.   Clearly something is off with him, and it could easily continue into this weekend’s game as well.   Our line needs to be ready to protect Rivers.  Especially from Broncos rookie OLB Von Miller.  He is starting to prove that he is worth the hype and already has 16 tackles, four sacks, two pass deflections and two forced fumbles in just four games of play so far.

Laziness – Yes, the Chargers are 3-1, but that doesn’t mean that they have played great to this point. In Week 1, they beat the winless Vikings by seven at home. In Week 3, they barely defeated the 1-3 Chiefs at home.  Then we have last week, when the Chargers only got by the Dolphins (who are also winless and are arguably the worst team in the league) by just 10 points. This is something that has plagued the Chargers in the past, and if they are lazy this Sunday at the Broncos, it could end with a loss.

Mile High – The Broncos have the best home record in the NFL since 1974, which stands at 208-82.  They also have one of the loudest stadiums in all of the league, which is never a good thing for an opposing team.  We need to be prepared or be sent home with a 1-1 record in the AFC West.

ChargerGirl Cindi