Chargers vs Broncos: Why the Bolts Will Lose

By Ernie Padaon

Another week until we get into our BYE and we want to head into that with a ‘W’! We meet the stumbling Donkeys before we get there and we would get a chance  to rest those aches and pains on the team. We can’t let up and we need to go into this game strong! Will we do that? We shall see. The Donks plan on slowing us down.

Here are some reasons on why we could lose this ballgame:

AFC West Battle

Even though the Broncos are struggling, there is always something about the AFC West battles that even the playing field. We head to their turf and they are trying to defend it. We know each other well and they will definitely make it a tough battle.

Kyle OrtonEven though the fans from Denver hate him, he is a bigger threat than Tim Tebow would be at this time. He takes care of the ball and makes smart passes. Let’s see if the Denver home crowd has gotten to his head by this game though.

We Beat OurselvesIf we don’t clean up our act with handling the football, the bounces will start to go the other way. We have had lucky bounces this season when we have fumbled the football, sooner OR later someone will get that takeaway. We need to protect that football! No interceptions and no giveaways!

Those are my reasons on why we could lose. The main reason would be US BEATING OURSELVES and that definitely can happen. Any other reasons you can see we could lose this game? Tomorrow will be the reasons why we will win.