Chargers at the top of AFC West.

By ChargerGirl Cindi

The Chargers are at the top of our division in week five.  On one hand I am very happy about this, what rabid Chargers fan is not happy?  On the other hand, I am so used to disappointment, that I just want to get it over with.  Norv just has a way of ruining my day.  Here are my thoughts/concerns.

Since the Chargers are in first place in the AFC West with a 3-1 record, I suppose this means we have broken the “slow start” curse.  These slow starts have cursed the team since Norv Turner came along in 2007.   Maybe it just took him four years to adjust to the West Coast way of doing things?  We can only hope.

The teams that the Chargers have beaten (all at home) — Minnesota, Kansas City and Miami — have a combined record of 1-11.  Still, each team has hung in there with the Chargers. Of course, all that matters is winning, but it would be nice to see the explosive offense that makes me stand up and yell.   Is that offense headed to Denver?  I hope so.

Philip Rivers played like Philip Rivers against the Dolphins. He tossed for 307 yards and he did not throw an interception (finally!). Rivers threw six interceptions in the first three games. His highest interception total in a season is 15. It seems like Rivers is settling down (or that unknown injury is better), this will be huge if all our TE’s and WR’s can get up off the bench.  Although, I truly enjoyed “air Tolbert” who knew?

Heading out to the just pummeled Broncos, the Chargers chances of being  4-1 at the bye are relatively high.  I hope we get a turn at seven TD’s too!   The Chargers play at Denver next week and Mile High has caused us issues before.  I think as long as Ed Hochuli is not referring the game this will be our time to stop taking it easy.

ChargerGirl Cindi