Bryan Walters Sliding to the End of the Bench

By Ernie Padaon

I don’t know why I have not bought the Bryan Walters hype like everyone else. I just have not seen it YET. He did well in the preseason, but he has not done anything in a game that counts. He just seems like an ordinary receiver and a terrible punt returner.

So, when Walters was inactive for the game on Sunday I had a good smile on my face. I knew that either Patrick Crayton or Antoine Cason would be getting the punt return duties. Both have proven to be better at that role than Walters was.

It also meant that Vincent Brown would get to see more action on the field. At best, Walters is the 5th receiver on this team. VJ and M80 are the starters and Crayton is the slot guy. We spent a 3rd round pick on Vincent Brown and he has shown the skills to be a good receiver in this league and is number 4.

Here is what I do like about Bryan Walters: I love his effort and I loved the play where he hustled in front of Vincent Jackson for a block! The kid is an all-out effort, all-out hustle guy! He works hard and he went out of his way to work in the off-season with Philip and crew.

He just doesn’t match up to the skill level of the other guys on the team YET. He can get there and we know he will put in work to get there, but he likely will be sitting on the inactive list for a while, unless a receiver goes down again.