Chargers vs Dolphins: Inside the Numbers

By Ernie Padaon

This sacking stuff is easy

3-1! I Love this winning stuff!

Here is a quick look at some of the stats from the ballgame:

0. The amount of times I yelled at Bryan Walters in this game. ?

1-4. Red Zone Made-Attempted. With this offense, we should be at a higher percentage than that.

+2. Chargers winning the turnover battle. Huge to get that in the positive direction for a change this season.

2. Fumbles that the team had AGAIN. Mike Tolbert with one and Ryan Mathews with his first of the season. We recovered, but we still see them!

2. Who is this Larry English guy? A pair of sacks? Who needs Travis LaBoy when we have Larry Ingles!

3-1. Best start to a Norv Turner season as a Bolt head coach!

6. times we were able to get to the Dolphin QB and hit him.

8. Takeo Spikes leading the team again in tackles tied with Eric Weddle.

14. Points by kicker Nick Novak in the game. He almost outscored the Dolphins by himself.

80. Yards in penalties we had in the game. That was messy!

149. yards from scrimmage from Ryan Mathews. He just keeps making plays!

411-248. Chargers yards in the game vs Dolphins yards in the game. DANG SON!

4022. Career yards receiving by Vincent Jackson to move him into 9th place overall on Chargers All-Time Receiving list.