Chargers Happy to Flip Calendar to October?

By Ernie Padaon

Should the Bolts be happy that we are flipping the calendar from September to October? Let’s look at a few numbers from the leaders of the team. First of all, let’s look at head coach Norval Turner.

Here is how Norv has performed in the last 3 seasons in the month of October:

2010: 2 wins – 3 losses2009: 1 win – 2 losses2008: 1 win – 3 lossesCombined: 4 wins – 8 losses

That is an awful record! Norv did well in his first season as the Bolts head coach though, winning all 3 games in the month of October. Overall as the Chargers head coach, he is 7-8. Winning today would put him at an even record for the month of October as a Bolt head coach.

He needs to keep going with the hot hands and giving them the rock. Ryan Mathews has been outstanding the last few games and he should be given more and more chances. He needs to open up his playbook  and give his players the opportunity to shine. We need to get him to a winning record for October!

Now, let’s look at how Philip Rivers has done in the month of October:

Record: 10 wins – 11 lossesQB Rating: 104.0Touchdowns:37Interceptions: 9

I guess there is good and bad news when you look at Philip’s numbers. He still has a losing record just like Norval. The good news, this is the month that he posts his best QB Rating! His 37 touchdowns to 9 interception mark is AWESOME!!!

This looks like when Philip starts to heat up. He takes care of the ball better and makes sure that we score TOUCHDOWNS! It sounds like it is time for Philip to light up the scoreboard and the first victim is the Miami Dolphins today!